Series of Non-Contact Radar Sensors Introduced by Vega

VEGA’s series of non-contact radar sensors suitable for standard measuring tasks and price-sensitive applications

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VEGA Americas

Cincinnati, OH — VEGA America is introducing a new series of non-contact radar sensors for standard measuring tasks and price-sensitive applications, growing its portfolio of level measurement instruments. 

When VEGAPULS sensors began using 80 GHz technology, these sensors virtually eliminated any unwanted or interfering reflections thanks to the radar beam’s more precise focus. Getting accurate level measurements suddenly became much easier and more reliable. Measuring tasks that prove difficult for ultrasonic sensors are now becoming standard practice using radar technology.

VEGA is adding a new, compact 80 GHz instrument series to its portfolio of radar sensors. It is especially suitable for price-sensitive applications like those found in the water and wastewater industries and in auxiliary process loops in process automation. VEGA designed a new radar microchip specifically for this purpose, characterized by its exceptionally small size, fast start-up time, and low energy consumption. The result is a compact, versatile radar sensor.

Robust, unaffected, and weatherproof
The new VEGAPULS instruments work with both liquids and bulk solids. These sensors are available in a compact version with cable connection housing and in a standard version with a fixed IP68 cable connection. The radar sensors maintain steady, accurate measurements, unaffected by external influences like solar heating, air temperature fluctuations, fog and mist, buildup, and condensation. Users can choose from 4–20 mA, HART, SDI-12, or Modbus as the direct output signal, and ATEX versions are also available.

The new VEGAPULS sensors are compact devices, and they are complemented by the optional VEGAMET controllers. The new controllers, specifically designed to meet the special requirements of the water and wastewater industries, feature a large graphic display that can be used to visualize all measured values. VEGAMET controllers allow simple implementation of pump control, flow measurement in open channels, and overfill protection according to WHG. These are designed for operation in outdoor environments and are supplied in a weather-resistant housing.

Simple setup thanks to wireless operation
Both the sensors and the controllers can easily be operated via Bluetooth with a smartphone or tablet. This makes setup, display, and diagnostics considerably easier, especially in harsh environments or hazardous areas. The new VEGAPULS series of radar instruments offers a plethora of advantages over current ultrasonic level measurement technologies. Better reliability in any environment, ruggedness, simple operation, and low price make these sensors the obvious choice for every modern water industry application.

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