TRUEGRID Announces New SnowSpot Parking Markers

Plowable, high-visibility striping for northern climates

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Omaha, NE — TRUEGRID Pavers announces the availability of SnowSpots pavement markers for their permeable pavement system. SnowSpots are snow plowable, highly visible, paint-free striping for TRUEGRID's 100% permeable parking lots. The super-strong, easily-installed markers delineate parking spaces and directional traffic arrows in the TRUEGRID permeable paving grids and are a unique solution to traditional painted stripes. SnowSpots sit flush with the top of the TRUEGRID PRO PLUS permeable paver grid to allow easy and quick snow removal using snowplows, snowblowers, brushes, or snow shovels.

“Providing a low-profile and plowable parking delineation method to add to our marker and paver line was essential as we get more and more projects in northern climates, including the northern states and Canada. The TRUEGRID paving system is engineered for use in all climates and soils. We are committed to providing the best paving solution available including those in snowy climates,” says Barry Stiles, founder. “Being flush, they’re also great for use in disabled parking and access areas.” Snow SpotsTRUEGRID

The creation of SnowSpots was an idea driven by need and customer feedback. SnowSpots are available in white, yellow, red, and blue colors. The cost is comparable to painted striping without the hassle, cost, and maintenance of restriping. Parking lots in cold areas of North America are regularly snowplowed during snow events. To accommodate this market, SnowSpots were added to the accessory product line already offered by TRUEGRID, which includes SuperSpots pavement markers, Reflectors pavement markers, and PLATES signage and numbering paving inserts.

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