Contech's latest hydrodynamic separator awarded New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Certification

West Chester, OH (October 16, 2019) – Contech Engineered Solutions' Cascade Separator hydrodynamic separator received the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Certification as an approved stormwater treatment device, the company announced today. In order to receive the certification, the Cascade Separator successfully completed testing under NJDEPs rigorous hydrodynamic separator (HDS) laboratory testing protocol and exceeded applicable pollutant removal criteria.

Designed with the aid of computational-fluid-dynamics modeling and hundreds of hours of lab testing, the Cascade Separator offers high sediment capture and retention with minimal footprint and sump depth. The Cascade Separator is approved for online use, and its hydraulic loading rate will often mean engineers can specify a smaller structure compared to other HDS systems. 

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Certification program was created to provide a consistent and credible evaluation of stormwater technologies to validate pollutant removal and other performance claims. The certification means engineers, developers, regulators, and others can have confidence that the performance claims of the Cascade Separator have been validated and are supported by high quality, independently verified test data and information.

“Contech’s engineers were challenged to develop a new HDS system that could remove pollutants at higher flow rates than existing technologies without increasing the cost of the system,” said Mike Hunter, Senior Vice President – Stormwater at Contech. “They achieved both goals. The Cascade Separator is now the most cost-effective and efficient HDS system on the market.” 

The Cascade Separator joins Contech’s other stormwater treatment products that have achieved NJDEP Certification including the Stormwater Management StormFilter and the Filterra Bioretention system. For more information on the Cascade Separator, please visit

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